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Hearts of Iron IV – Easier Queen Elizabeth

Easier Queen Elizabeth for Hearts of Iron IV

Man the Guns has a couple of events coded into it which will allow for Elizabeth II to become Queen. This requires quite a bit of finagling at best, and is nearly impossible at worst. These are the vanilla requirements for Elizabeth II:
– Edward VIII has had a morganatic marriage with Wallis Simpson and is in power
– Germany annexed the UK and then released it (due to a code error, thanks PDX; update: this has been fixed in the Ironclad beta)
– The UK is at war and its enemy is bombing London
– The year is 1941 or greater
Edward VIII will be killed in a bombing raid, leaving George VI in power. George will die 4 years after he takes power, or after 1941, whichever is greater (the earliest he can die is January 2, 1945), which will transfer power to Queen Elizabeth II. Along with her, you also unlock her three corgis to use as political advisors, who have unique traits. Which is cool, but takes a ton of effort. So, here are the new, easier, requirements for Queen Elizabeth:
– Edward VIII or George VI is in power
– The UK is at war and its enemy is bombing London
Now George VI can be killed in a bombing raid as well, ironically even right after Edward, lessening the messing around you need to do with Germany, but this also means you could have the Queen probably even as early as 1937 or so, when she was 10 or 11 years old.
However, if that’s still too much for you, you can take the easier way, as I’ve also added a decision to force the abdication of George IV. This decision doesn’t require anything related to Edward VIII’s abdication crisis, so you could force the abdication of Edward and then George right after.

Credits: manlethamlet

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