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Hearts of Iron IV – Easier Adam Hilt/Señor Hilter

Easier Adam Hilt/Señor Hilter for Hearts of Iron IV

In Waking the Tiger, Germany has a focus branch where you oppose Hitler, starting a civil war against the NSDAP, in order to bring Kaiser Wilhelm back to his throne. When Berlin is taken from Nazi forces, you get an event where Hitler was found dead by suicide. In normal gameplay, this event also has a 1% chance of triggering only one of two hidden effects:
– a 0.5% chance that Hitler will escape to Argentina (only if Argentina is an AI)
– a 0.5% chance that Hitler will escape to the USA (only with Man the Guns)
If Hitler escapes to Argentina, they will gain an effect which increases fascism support over the next 4 years. Three years after Hitler’s “suicide”, the fascist party will take power under a man named Señor Hilter, who looks suspiciously like Hitler without his signature mustache. With Man the Guns, if Hitler escapes to the USA, he can also take power if the USA goes fascist and wins the civil war, and if MacArthur is in power. In the event “William Dudley Pelley challenges Douglas MacArthur”, there will be an extra section about a politically unknown man named Adam Hilt (who also looks suspiciously like an un-mustached Hitler), and there is an option to put him in power. The AI has a 30% chance of putting Hilt in power.

Because both of these have a 0.5% chance of happening, and only one can happen, these are nearly impossible to see in normal gameplay. This mod makes it so that one of these will always happen — Hitler will always manage to escape to either Argentina or the USA. The USA’s AI will always put Hilt in power, and Señor Hilter will take power in Argentina even if it’s a human player (which means that Argentina will always become fascist sooner or later). The one thing this mod does not do is make Germany always oppose Hitler, or win their civil war.

And yes, these incognito Hitlers are in the game files, and were made by Paradox.

Credits: manlethamlet

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