Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – Development Pack – Equestria

Development Pack – Equestria for Hearts of Iron IV.

The mod allows for additional decisions to be taken, these include:

  • Propaganda campaigns: increase stability or war support at the cost of negative effects throughout the duration it’s active. (not implemented in all versions of the mod)
  • Expanding building slots: allows states to exponentially expand their economy.
  • Coring states: 4 stage process of reducing the resistance (more non-core manpower) up to the point of assimilating the state enough to grant them a status of core state.
  • Excavating for resources: allows the player (and AI) to spend political power on increasing production of chosen resource in a random state.
  • Migration: reduces population in a random state and moves it to the capital (might add more freedom in where-from-where-to mechanic at some point); 2 variants for core and non-core population (the latter is logically more expensive as it also gives a significant manpower bonus).

Required Mod:
Equestria at War

Credits: KarKalim

Download Link #1

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