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Hearts of Iron IV – D-Day

D-Day for Hearts of Iron IV

This mod starts on June 6th, 1944, DDAY . After years of Axis rule over Europe the Allies have landed in Normandy. Meanwhile Italy is almost completely liberated from Fascism, and a powerful Soviet Union is pushing the Axis back in the East. In the Pacific, Japan is under attack on all sides. Will you defeat the last reamains of fascism or try to turn the tide of war?

The mod changes the map, wars and diplomacy to 1944, and tries to achieve a historically accurate (ish) balance of major countries. The majors start with technologies up to 1944 unlocked. The goal is to achieve a historical balance (Allies outnumber Axis as much as they did in 1944). The mod does not add any new technologies, events, etc. so you dont have to relearn the game.

Credits: amynase

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