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Hearts of Iron IV – Confederate States of Brazil

Confederate States of Brazil mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

After the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932, Brazil entered a great chaos, the troops that sustained Getúlio Vargas lost countless battles and territories, the constitutionalists were increasingly gaining more power, and the deposition of the President was near. In June 1935, after the almost certain defeat of Vargas, the Armistice of Guanabara was made. In that it was decided that Brazil would be divided, in the South Confederates, Constitutionalists, and in the North, Vargas would continue exercising its government.
But dark times are arriving in Europe, the Confederates have a favorable inclination to the Allies, while Vargas has a friendly relation with the powers of the axis.

Things done in the mod:
New leaders
More resources
Initial Divisions
Tidy states

Future Changes:
National Focuses
Charging screens


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