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Hearts of Iron IV – Combat Width Redesigned

Combat Width Redesigned mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Combat Width Redesigned breaks the tyranny of 20w/40w divisions and allows you to design historical or interesting division templates without being unduly punished. All while still respecting game balance.

I’ve always been slightly bothered by how combat width forces players into optimal, ahistorical division templates by punishing the player unless they fit exactly within a certain template. 7-2 divisions being a particularly egregious example.

This mod is an attempt to lessen the need to do this and free up player to design divisions based on their industrial capacity and historical inclination.


  • The penalty for going over width is now 1% per point rather than 2%. This means that the amount of stats your divisions lose when going over width is directly proportional to how much you go over. If you go 10% over width, your divisions lose 10% of their stats.
  • Base combat width is set to 96 and attacking from another direction adds a further 48. This means more/larger divisions can enter combat and makes the more historical 24 width divisions the ‘optimal’ layout (though not necessary, due to the above change)

Credits: Perihelion

Download Link #1 Download Link #2


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