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Hearts of Iron IV – Calm Before The Storm Beta

Calm Before The Storm for Hearts of Iron IV.

Calm Before the Storm is a Total Overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV that presents an in-depth and detailed scenario starting in 1933. Featuring many new political options, large focus trees, and high-quality graphics, get ready to write or rewrite history!


Large and dynamic focus trees for several nations in order to show you exactly what your government is doing.
Content stretching from 1933 to 1948, giving you fifteen years of interesting gameplay.
Many different scenarios, including the Second Russian Civil War and an alternate Spanish Civil War.
Complex Event Chains that can lead to many different results, such as the restoration of the Hohenzollern Monarchy, the establishment of the Spanish Socialist Republic, or the early end of the Roosevelt Presidency.
Twelve Ideologies and many detailed Subideologies to give you an in-depth explanation of what your government actually wants.
A Parliamentary Mechanic, making the democratic option worthwhile to play!
High-quality graphics. Speaks for itself.
The Kaiserreich minister system, allowing a more in-depth look at who is involved in your government.

Playable countries in the current version (0.1.1 “Hurricane):

United Kingdom
USSR (and 2rcw splinters)
United States
Spain (and Catalonia)
South Africa
We also have new generic trees with different sections depending on your country’s situation!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the mod start and end? CBtS starts in 1933 and ends in 1948.
Can I play as <path>? Our design paradigm is based around historical plausibility, so paths that are too “out there” are not going to be included. Therefore, the answer to this question depends on the plausibility of the given path.
I only see one focus tree? Where are the others? Our focus trees are dynamic, so they will appear and disappear when needed.
Why is <country> so under/overpowered? Though rebalancing is always an ongoing project, we are doing our best to ensure that the situation in-game accurately reflects the historical situation.
What is the lore for this mod? We are not an alt-history scenario. Though the game might deviate from history, the start of the game is accurate to the real 1933.

Credits: s_team337, general.belisario

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