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Hearts of Iron IV – Between Germany and Russia

Between Germany and Russia mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Hi, my name is Jacob and I want to introduce my mod called “Between Germany and Russia”. The point was to create better, bigger and more fun focus tree for Poland. Effects of my job, you can see here. Title of the mod, refers to book written by Adolf Bocheński, on the same title.

Mod completely changes industrial, army and political branches of focus tree. You can choose many political ways. You can strengten sanation regime, give power one of opposite and democratic parties, give power to radicals or restore monarchy.

I want to point that, it is not final version of this mod. I think, that I will make some changes in individual branches, add more content like news, unique pictures, commanders and ministers. I will work on it in a while.

I hope that you will enjoy it!

Credits: Szwagierjakub

Download Link #1

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