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Hearts of Iron IV – Battle For Bosporus Turkey Adjustments

Battle For Bosporus Turkey Adjustments mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

As you can probably guess from the title this mod is about the new Battle For Bosporus DLC so it will not work properly without it. Althought it adds lots of diffrent gameplay probabilities for Turkey some desicions are off the charts and country is now forced to enter war very late. This situation is realistic and historicly makes sense too but since that we are playing this game for fun why not change some stuff so players can go little bit early to the war and have fun.

– Diplomatic focuses for Turkey adjusted to 35 days so Turkey can go to war early except historical focuses of course. In order to balance some stuff historical focus days are increased.

– Adjusments made to desicions and some modifiers.

– Turkey’s color Switched to Red.

– General Staff abilities altered.

– Misaki Milli Focus (bottom) is now avalible to go (not connected to the top) if you have enough army capability.

This mod aims to fix some issues and adds some minor stuff. The 1.0 version includes only fixes for Turkey and I dont have any time to go for the other nations.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus

Credits: Bugra Basgan

Download Link #1

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