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Hearts of Iron IV – Battle Carrier Ise – NRM II

Battle Carrier Ise – NRM II for Hearts of Iron IV


Changes Heavies, Cruisers, and Submarines to allow for new Hybrid Carrier ship types.
To access new modules first complete the added “Crazy Idea” decisions for surface and/or subsurface ships.
After that modules are automatically granted based on Main Battery, Carrier, and Aircraft Launcher Techs between a few days and a month.
Note: Because of the number of modules add this mod can be unwieldy.


-Over 1800 New hybrid Flight Deck / Main Battery modules for Heavies and Cruisers.
-New Carrier Hybrid Ship Types for Heavies, Cruisers, and Submarines.
-Light, Medium, and Heavy Gun Turrets for Submarines

Known Issues:

-For Hulls with a lot of Main Battery Gun Options some may be pushed below selection box. The current workaround involved entering one of the sub castigators and backing out to get a scroll bar to show up.
-Aircraft numbers must be manually assigned for each new production line
-Only English localization for the time being
-No AI Support


HOI4 1.6.x
Naval Rework Mod II v1.0.15
Requires Man the Guns DLC
No Achievements

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Credits: Licarious Fenrir

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