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Hearts of Iron IV – Apocalypse: 1942

Apocalypse: 1942 mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Noone saw it coming. The United States insisted on her neutrality, until it was too late. They didn’t help Britain when it fell in 1940, only offering Canada a chance to join the Union. They didn’t help the Soviets when the Germans rolled over them in ’41. And now the Apocalypse came true: The Axis violated the United States neutrality with a surprise attack that wiped out her Navy. German, Italian and Japanese soldiers have set foot on US soil. Is there any hope left to stop the Axis Blitzkrieg?

This is an “almost” Axis Victory Scenario in which you desperately defend the last free nation on earth: The USA from invading Axis forces from all sides, you can of course also try to rebuild the Soviet Union and reclaim your lost territory, or lead one of the Axis Majors to world domination. The choice is yours!

Credits: amynase

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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