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Hearts of Events

Hearts of Events for Hearts of Iron IV.

Welcome! This is Hearts of Events.In an attempt to improve immersion, I created this mod for my own use, and after much revision I decided to upload it… The mod gives better pictures to news events such as the Anschluss, the Treaty of Craiova or the Fall of Rome. Both vanilla and non-vanilla events are concerned and I will keep on fixing bugs and improving things.

If you find a bug, a picture not to scale or not properly aligned for example, tell me in the comments section below for a fix. You can also submit your idea if you want, you will be credited if I use it.

Due to the files I need to access, the mod is not compatible with Ironman saves. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that…

The next updates will focus on Soviet events and capture/liberation of cities. Originally, I did not plan to do it until later, but hey, since someone has been asking for it (Mr. Spider), I’ll make it a priority.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Koolah

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