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GWR Broad Gauge Expansion Pack Transport Fever 2

GWR Broad Gauge Expansion Pack

This mod is not compatible with my older version

In this expansion pack I bring you the ambitious, but unsuccessful, greatest hits of the early Great Western Railway’s 7ft Broad Gauge system. A system that ran from the company’s inception in 1835 right up to 1892, when they finally had enough of transferring goods and people from literally every other railway in England.

Many of the engines that ran on the Broad Gauge system were designed in a short period between 1837 and 1864 by the great engineer Daniel Gooch. Later locomotives were produced, however Gooch’s locomotives survived in one form or another right up until the end of the gauge.

This mod will forcefully inject into your game:
9 Broad Gauge locomotives
9 items of Broad Gauge rolling stock
3 brand new track types
2 new depots

The locomotives included are:
Hurricane 2-2-2+6
North Star 2-2-2
Firefly 2-2-2
Gooch’s Colossal Locomotive 2-2-2
Ariadne 0-6-0
Iron Duke 4-2-2
Waverley 4-4-0
Abbot 4-4-0
Rover 4-2-2

Please do bear in mind this mod represents the ill fated 7ft Broad Gauge system designed by I.K.Brunel, and is not available for use after 1892. This mod is useless for late game, so judging by what I see most of you play late game anyway so this mod is pointless.

Note: I have extended the life of the tracks to infinity.

How to use
This mod takes advantage of UG’s modular station patch they included in their latest update. This means you do not need any prior mods for this to work.

To have a Broad Gauge or Mixed Gauge station, you must:

  1. Place a vanilla modular station (freight or passenger)
  2. Configure the station
  3. Remove the tracks
  4. Select your new track type
  5. Replace the tracks

Due to limitations, I was not able to add UI images to the modular station menu for tracks, and the mod presents itself as 6 blue boxes to the left of the track menu. For some reason the game insists on electrified versions of a track type that disappears in 1892.

Also, due to how the game renders track, tight curves do not use the new meshes, so mixed track does not work on tight corners. There is nothing I can do as far as I know, it’s just a limitation of the game sadly.

If I find a way to fix this, I will.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

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