Gta 5 – Wanted : Dead Or Alive

Wanted : Dead Or Alive mod for Gta 5.
This mod aims to implement a bounty system in GTAV, by killing a cop/civilian, jacking a car, robing a civilian, if any of these (and hopefully more in the future), you will incure a bounty on your head, when you have a high enough bounty on your head, you can either chose to pay off the bounty at your nearest police station or run…

if you choose to run, bounty hunters will be dispatched to arrest you, when a bounty hunter is following you, if you point a gun at them, shoot, or get in a vehicle, they will treat this as a hostile action, and attack the player, if you get arrested, you will lose all ammo and armour like normal, and be transported (without your current car), to the nearest police station and be fined 10 percent of you outstanding fine

This Mod requires Doomsday Heist DLC!

Credit(s): HKH191

Download - Gta 5 – Wanted : Dead Or Alive

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