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GTA 5 – Vehicle Ragdoll

Vehicle Ragdoll for GTA 5.

Simple script built with the Script Hook V Dot Net API which lets you launch any vehicle you’re driving in
whichever direction you want at insane speeds!


  • Launch the vehicle you’re in at insane speeds in any direction you want!
  • Works with cars, boats, planes, bikes, choppers, blimps and bicycles!

No known bugs!


  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • ScriptHookV
  • ScriptHookV Dot Net


  1. Navigate to your GTA V folder.
  2. Copy the VehicleRagdoll.cs script into your scripts folder

Default Keybinding:

  • Num Pad 7: Toggle Activating / Deactivating script.
  • Num Pad 8: Accelerate at the speed of yeet.
  • Num Pad 2: Reverse at Mach 10.
  • Num Pad 4: Propel to the left.
  • Num Pad 6: Go very fast right.
  • Num Pad 9: Launch into the stratosphere.
  • Num Pad 3: Slam into the ground.

Credits: MccDev260

Download Link #1

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