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Gta 5 – Vapid Stanier – Sahp Add-On Custom Soundbank 1.0.0

Vapid Stanier – Sahp Add-On Custom Soundbank 1.0.0 mod for Gta 5.
“If you ever lived in San Andreas, chances are, you were conceived in one of these, sat in one of these or got shot in one of these at least once in your life. One of the few efforts of the drug war era the gov’t is still willing to pump money in, the Stanier is the red-and-blued death cage in the world of over-illuminated crumple-zone-mobiles. Blame the nostalgia”

A San Andreas Highway Patrol version of the Vapid Stanier, meant as a little “slightly” slower partner to the SAHP Ruiner


• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc.

• Custom sirensetting for awesome looking lights.

• can spawn with either closed or opened spotlights

• Speed radar interior model

• Custom soundbank that combines the Stanier engine sound with the FIB siren sound

Credits: 11john11

Download Gta 5 – Vapid Stanier – Sahp Add-On Custom Soundbank 1.0.0 - Download Link #1


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