Gta 5 – Ultimatered Carpet Hq Menyoo 1.0

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Ultimatered Carpet Hq Menyoo 1.0 mod for Gta 5.
Hey! I bring to y,all the Ultimate Red Carpet with over 3hours of development this. Classy Red carpet will make you feel like glamour ,with things like your own paparazzi stalker, Cops, security, Celebrities, Lazlow’ everything about this mod captivates Los Santos in an unbelievable way enjoy! Instructions in Read file.
KNOWN BUGS: none if any please let me know
Requirements: Script hookV, Menyoo mod, PC that can at least run the game.

Credits: Ruskyallday

Download Gta 5 – Ultimatered Carpet Hq Menyoo 1.0 - Download Link #1

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