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Gta 5 – The Deal Mission Maker 1.0

The Deal Mission Maker 1.0 mod for Gta 5.
The Vagos and Ballas are doing a deal, i don’t know what type of deal they are doing, but you gotta do 1 thing. Steal their money.

Simple gameplay, grab money and escape.
Enemy Reinforcements
Wanted Level locked at 2 stars (Regular Cops chase you, depends of what dispatch.meta you use)
Hard Mode: Enemies are more aggressive (except Ambient Cops)
Friendly Families

1. Install Scripthook V and ScripthookDotNet

2. Put the mission files to Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\MissionMaker\missions

Credits: Ilikeeditingpolice01

Download Gta 5 – The Deal Mission Maker 1.0 - Download Link #1


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