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Gta 5 – Stuck In The Sand – Wastelander Hunt Version 1

Stuck In The Sand – Wastelander Hunt Version 1 mod for Gta 5.
Going out for an adventure in the Gta desert looking for abandoned Wastelander trucks and getting stuck in the Sand.

7 abandoned Wastelander trucks are hidden in the desert area from Alamo Sea to Harmony. The first one is at the location of the main scenario. Feel free to leave a comment saying if you were able to find all seven Wastelander Trucks.

(I might add screenshots of locations after a week or so)(kinda like how you get the pictures for Gauntlet car locations in story mode heist)

Scene is located near the YouTool building right near the highway. I have set the spawn location at the spot where Trevor has a cut scene burying something in the ground. (my favorite Trevor switch cutscene)


Put the off road rescue file in your menyoostuff spooner folder.

Credits: sani_86

Download Gta 5 – Stuck In The Sand – Wastelander Hunt Version 1 - Download Link #1


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