Gta 5 – Missions For Josef Mission Maker

Missions For Josef Mission Maker mod for Gta 5.
I have added 10 new missions for Non-Playable Character (NPC) Josef.

Josef pronounced “Yosef” is the typical LS native minority. If he’s not at his gas station ringing up blunts and ho-ho’s for the local thugs, he is probably knee deep in some street drama. Josef packs a serious load. Just as any other spoiled youth, he struggled with authority during his upbringing. Though he had all of the necessary resources to become a real-estate conglomerate in his father’s footsteps, the billion-dollar empire didn’t appeal to Josef’s desires. He prefers the wanna-be kingpin lifestyle. Fast cars and spending money on women that don’t love him are his superpowers. As goofy as he sounds, you don’t want to ever piss this guy off. Fill up your gas tanks and close your gas lines, Josef is coming to town!
*This series includes about 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Credit(s): djdmaze

Download - Gta 5 – Missions For Josef Mission Maker

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