Gta V Mods

GTA 5 – Mercedes-Benz AMG GT + R V2

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT + R car mod for GTA 5.


  • Paint: Interior/stitching. Exterior:Body/trim/wheels/calipers
  • extras (reverse screen/bumper pads/interior straps & case)
  • High Quality model
  • Custom metallic texture
  • Breakable glass windows
  • Hands on wheel
  • Animated radiator fans
  • GTA license plates
  • Working dials
  • Dirtmap
  • Real world mirrors
  • Lods L0 L1 L2 L3 L4
  • Real reversing LCD/screen on console
  • Animated exhausts
  • Wheel addons
  • Tuning: Too much

Version 2.0:

  • Fixed spoiler shadows
  • Fixed front indicators (not very bright due to DLR)
  • Fixed GTR rear bumper spawning with reverse glass
  • Wider rear wheels
  • Fixed spoiler brake glass dirt
  • Brightened up interior leather a little
  • Brightened up 2019 DLR headlights
  • Added GTR/GTC badges as extras
  • Added 2019 Digital Dials
  • Other small improvements


  • Handling file that is more set up for drifting.
  • I have left a vanilla Handling as standard because that is my first handling settings and may not be for everyones taste

Known Bugs:

  • Auto spoiler gets removed if changing spoilers and will need a vehicle repair to set it back to original auto spoiler. Info is also detailed via tuning options (menyoo)
  • Widebody kit only fits GTR & GTC bumpers
  • Vstancer by Ikt is required for the use of widebody

Credits: CyberdyneSystems

Download Link #1

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