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GTA 5 – Cadillac CT5-V Sport 2020 Car Mod

Cadillac CT5-V Sport 2020 car mod for GTA 5.

This was a great project to work on. I put lot of effort into this vehicle.
This vehicle didnt had a interior / Door sills / Engine … etc. I had to scrap most of the parts from a 2017 CTS Cadillac, So most of the stuff would NOT match in the interior. Door Sills/ Door Steps Has be custom modeled by me, including the Door Handle inner stuff was having a huge hole, had to fill it up by modeling a custom door inner stuff according to the its dimensions, Engine was also took from the 2017 CTS, Also this includes lot of resizing and poly adjusting according to the compact size of this vehicle.


  • Working Dials
  • Hands On Steering
  • 3D Engine
  • Working suspension
  • breakable windows
  • working mirrors
  • Accurate Lights


  • Wheels inner part is invisible (WIP)
  • door LR is missing a face on the top edge.

Credits: RAZ3R_BLAD3

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