Gta 5 – Articulated Well Cars (For Overhauled Trains Mod) V1

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Articulated Well Cars (For Overhauled Trains Mod) V1 mod for Gta 5.
I am very proud to present version 1 of my articulated well cars for Overhauled trains. I am trying to get a default replace option working. But that will take a little more time. SO for now this ONLY works in Overhauled Trains. You can choose your carrier company BNSF, TTX, or CN. Please read the instructions in the READ ME VERY VERY carefully! Includes livery support and many liveries already installed. Top containers in the double stacks have short collisions so you can still climb on the lower container and then onto the top one. Containers all go flying if you crash the train. All containers have individual collisions. Includes 40 foot containers, 20 foot containers, and 53 foot overhang containers. Includes single stack and empty articulated well cars also. Please enjoy!

Credits: Foxunitone

Download Gta 5 – Articulated Well Cars (For Overhauled Trains Mod) V1 - Download Link #1

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