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Gta 5 – 2019 Nitro Z20 Bass Boat And Traileradd 1.0

2019 Nitro Z20 Bass Boat And 1.0 mod for Gta 5.
OK guys please give a huge thank you to @captianbuckles1 in the BaggedCustoms discord for making this possible. I present to you the 2019 Nitro z20 Bass boat and Trailer. This is a very fun mod for all of the RPers out there. As always guys please remember to like and star as you see fit, and remember to check us out on our discord server and YouTube channel!

Ver 1.0
Spawn trailer with “nbtrailer”
Spawn Boat with “nitroboat”
Secondary paint = Rim accents
Extra 1 on the boat = Deck Seats “it will hold 4 passenger”
Extra 2 on the boat = Tolling motor up
Extra 3 on the boat = Trolling motor down
Extra 1 on the trailer = tie down straps

Credits: bagged

Download Gta 5 – 2019 Nitro Z20 Bass Boat And Traileradd 1.0 - Download Link #1


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