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Gta 5 – 2016 Nissan Gt-R35 Alpha G | Drag Spec | Fivem

2016 Nissan Gt-R35 Alpha G | Drag Spec | Fivem mod for Gta 5.
2016 Nissan GT-R35 Alpha G Replica | This Nissan GT-R35 Is a Replica of The Infamous “Alpha G” Nissan GT-R35 Drag Car Seen on Numerous Social Media Platforms! This Model Features a “Two-Tone” Paint Scheme Resembling The Carbon Fiber Trim on The “Alpha G” (Was Not Able To Fit a Carbon Fiber Texture Over The Roof/Hood/Trunk Lid, It Came Out Weird), a Single Parachute With a Deployable Parachute as Well (Both are Extras), a “Drag-Wing”, Dash Gauges, Roll Cage, NOS Bottle, Mounted GoPros (Extra),and More! This Car is Built For The Strip! Running Strong & Fast! It Will Dominate Most Cars It Lines Up With!

F.Y.I. – The Car is Prone To Getting A LITTLE “Loose” At 317mph to 336mph! I Will Be Fixing That Soon!

Made & Created By: Myself

This is My First “Drag Car” Build That I Made For The Public! I Hope You All Love & Enjoy This Car! Leave a Like, and Possibly Donate To Me Via PayPal If You Would Like To See Another “Drag Car” Build From Me! Have Something Else in Mind, Comment It, and I’ll Do My Best To Build What You Want To See FOR FREE!

Thank You For Checking Out My Model! Feel Free To Visit My Profile & Give Me a Like! I Would Really Appreciate It! Thank You! Have a Nice Day/Night! Thank You!

Credits: Speedway Racing

Download Gta 5 – 2016 Nissan Gt-R35 Alpha G | Drag Spec | Fivem - Download Link #1


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