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Great Northern K-1 Transport Fever 2

Top speed: 80 mph
Power: 1418 hp (calculated using the ALCo estimtation formula from cylinder size and boiler pressure)
Tractive effort: 94 kN/21,000 lbf
Weight: 162t/356,000 lbs
Available: 1906-1951

GN K1s
Top speed: 90 mph
Power: 2534 hp
Tractive effort: 163 kN/36,000 lbf (including booster engine)
Weight: 180t/397,000 lbs
Available: 1924-1951

I have yet to find any information on how to calculate the power of a compound engine at all, so I just estimated using the same cylinder size as the simpled version.

Credits: Eresian

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