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Gone with The Blastwave Hearts of Iron IV

Gone with The Blastwave mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

The city is waging a full-scale war between four factions. Even the few surviving citizens will fail. Meanwhile, in the post-war world, new unrest related to the division of territories begins. Everyone is on the brink of a new war.

Tricks for a number of countries are now ready:
~ Reds – Despite all the successes, the Red Army has a number of disadvantages. You have to decide: fix these shortcomings into pluses or completely change course and think about something more.
~ Blue – Returning to their hometown, these people encounter only ruins overrun by enemies. What will you do to clean it up?
~ Capital Branch – The war is not over, which means you need the perfect weapon to win it. It is for him that the Yellow Army is hunting. However, in the search process, you will have to deal with many devices, and not all of them are outside the army.
~ Greens – The weakest and most disorganized army of all. Paper planes instead of aircraft and the use of rifles as clubs are the lesser of the problems. But what if it can be changed?
~ Exiled – Citizens of the city, deprived of their own homes. Persecuted, they must make a decision: to whom to obey in order to survive. Or is it not worth obeying at all?
~ United Communes (Work In Progress) – One of the few full-fledged and structured associations of the new world. However, not everything is perfect – there were those who were dissatisfied with this regime. The unrest forced people to raise weapons against each other and now it is necessary to decide what to do in this situation.
~ Amier (Work In Progress) – A small settlement north of the city. Their life is unremarkable, but they could not adapt to the new conditions. However, quietly and peacefully, you can miss the opportunity to get to the top of the new world, especially by aggressive neighbors. All that remains is to fight.

Of the innovations, you can cancel a new branch of technology based on a later time and post-war conditions. At the moment, work is underway to correct a number of errors, add a number of new opportunities in the form of technologies and political advisors, as well as develop new focuses for countries.

We hope you enjoy our work. If you want to know more information about the mod in the process of its development, then we recommend joining our discord server. There you can ask questions and communicate with developers and other people. Ash Carnaby was with you, see you soon

English (Incomplete localization)

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Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger
Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns
Hearts of Iron IV: La Ru00e9sistance

Credits: Ash Karnaby, [PGL] Lil, Великая Россия, Lord Inquisitor

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