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Global Upgrade Transport Fever 2

Do you love transport fever but get annoyed by the tedium of having to upgrade segment by segment when electric track or high speed track arrives?

What about bridges, that had to be destroyed and rebuilt? If so then this is for you:
-Upgrade streets, from any type to any (available type)
-Upgrade tracks to both electric and/or highspeed with one button
-Upgrade tram tracks to electric, to include a bus lane, and to any of your choosing
-Upgrade BRIDGES!!!!
-Upgrade city connections with straighter roads and even automatically add new ones for poorly connected city

Additional features:
-Upgrades can be performed “globally” or within a view circle (you’ll understand when you try it).
-There is an abort button to gracefully end upgrades in progress
-Sometimes upgrade is not possible, e.g. widening a street, a report tells you how many segments have failed
-Upgrades are batched, if a batch fails it is retried segment by segment

Warnings and limitations:
-Aside from vanilla stations, this will not upgrade anything within buildings (as it causes a crash). Modded stations and other mod structures (e.g. compact tunnel entrance) will not be upgraded by this mod
-I have experienced many many crashes getting this to work. I think they are all solved but (auto) save frequently especially before a big global upgrade!

Update 1.1:
Improvements to performance and stability

Added features:
Upgrade sigals to the current era
Upgrade station buildings to the current era
City connections!
Straighten out the country roads built initially
Experimental, build new city connections, this is going some way to replace the original street generator which I find a bit too curly

Credits: okeating

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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