StationsTransport Fever 2

German 50s/60s Modular Station Buildings Transport Fever 2

This mod contains station modules for a station in the architectural style of post-war modernism based on the Hildesheim main station. Many stations of this type were built in Germany in the 50th and 60th.

All modules are fictitious. The modules are compatible with the vanilla platforms as well as with many Mod platforms (see list below). The buildings are available from 1950. All buildings have LOD levels and uses mostly the textures from the game.

To place these modules, a station must first be placed and its building modules demolished (some station mods offer platforms without buildings as an option).


18 building modules
3 main and side buildings (small / medium / large) are available in different variants (Total 17 modules). Furthermore, there is a station hotel as an additional module. Almost all modules can be combined with each other in any way (some may look a bit strange, but technically they can all be combined).

Forecourt modules
Two forecourt modules (one with, one without pedestrian path) can be used to extend the forecourt, to expand it with asset buildings or to create your own station with asset buildings only.

Adjustable forecourt size
The forecourt modules can be enlarged and reduced using the n and m keys, as far as the size of the building allows.

Compatible with many mod platforms
The buildings adapt to the platform height and are correctly connected to the corresponding platforms.
Passengers may walk an unrealistic path, into buildings or up stairs.

Building parts available as assets
All available building parts can also be placed as assets. The building parts can be equipped with person magnets.

Construction kit for office buildings
Some modules are very suitable for the construction of office buildings. Therefore, there is a construction kit with which office buildings (as assets) can be assembled from corresponding building parts.


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