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General Electrics GE C36-7 Transport Fever

General Electrics GE C36-7 mod for Transport Fever.

The GE C36-7 is a 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems, GE do Brazil and A Goninan & Co between 1978 and 1989. It is an updated GE U36C with a 16 cylinder FDL engine. It is externally very similar to the GE C30-7 but it has larger air intakes under the radiators. The dynamic brakes grids of the late units are located in a high box behind the cab. 599 examples of this locomotive were built.

Technical Details:
Vmax : 70 mph
Power : 3200 kW
Traction : 310 kN
Availability : 1978 to 1995

Available in variants:
Missouri Pacific
Norfolk Southern
Norfolk Western
Union Pacific

The functions of the last patch are integrated (cameras, reverse), as well as rotated versions. The Generic variant also supports logos and user colors.
Via the settings.lua or the TPFMM one you can select which variants of the locomotive are available.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Maik [Ger], MrCheesecake, zukzf

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