Civ 6

Gedemo Muziris City-State Civ 6

Gedemo Muziris City-State mod for Civilization VI.

City-State Trait: Get another +1 Trading Capacity with the discovery of the Foreign Trade Civic

City-State Type: Trade

Muziris is an ancient city whose location is uncertain and has long been believed to correspond with the current city of Cranganore. The merchants of this city are known from the Mediterranean world since the Phoenicians. It was at the time a very active port for trade, especially spices, especially pepper, but also pearls, diamonds and other gems, with the Roman Empire. Muziris was a key to the interactions between South India and Persia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean region. The important known commodities “exported” from Muziris were spices (such as black pepper and malabathron), semi-precious stones (such as beryl), pearls, diamonds, sapphires, ivory, Chinese silk, Gangetic spikenard and tortoise shells. The Roman navigators brought gold coins, peridots, thin clothing, figured linens, multicoloured textiles, sulfide of antimony, copper, tin, lead, coral, raw glass, wine, realgar and orpiment. The locations of unearthed coin-hoards suggest an inland trade link from Muziris via the Palghat Gap and along the Kaveri Valley to the east coast of India. Though the Roman trade declined from the 5th century AD, the former Muziris attracted the attention of other nationalities, particularly the Persians, the Chinese and the Arabs, presumably until the devastating floods of Periyar in the 14th century. it is present on the table Peutinger. However, apart from a number of Roman finds found in 1983 in Pattanam, which is about ten kilometers away, no excavation has revealed structures proving a Roman settlement on the coast of Malabar, especially the temple dedicated to Augustus indicated by the Peutinger table. The exact location will be all the more difficult to determine as the coast has certainly undergone major transformations due to the work of marine currents for two thousand years.

Compatible with Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm.

Credits: Gedemo

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