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GE Dash 8-40B Transport Fever 2

GE Dash 8-40B mod for Transport Fever 2.

In 1988, the next series of Dash 8 by GE series was released, the Dash 8-40 series. This is the B version, with the standard cab. Unlike its cousin the Dash 8-40C, this has 2 axle trucks.


  • NYS&W
  • ATSF Bluebonnet
  • BNSF Bluebonnet patch
  • BNSF H1
  • Conrail
  • SSW (Cotton Belt)
  • Southern Pacific
  • Union Pacific


  • Model citizen couplers
  • reverse units with different road numbers & no crew
  • custom sounds by MrCheesecake
  • horns at stations
  • bells
  • different soundsets for reverse units, with no horns or whistles
  • modular meshs, meaning each skin has its own customized mesh
  • group listed for skins

Note: I tried doing the yard light, but there’s no way to stop the light from spinning at increased speeds. So I chose to leave it out as it’s not possible.


  • 4K textures (hence the large file size)
  • Available 1988, no end date
  • Top speed = 75mph
  • 4000HP
  • Emissions = 65
  • Weight = 140 tonnes

Update 6/9:

  • ATSF forward now has numbers on the numberboard
  • NYS&W reverse is now 4006, not 4002
  • class lights are no longer emissive lights but simply a texture
  • Updated power to actually be 4000hp (units used is kW)
  • Bounding box moved to middle of coupler on both ends
  • Emissions come out of stack vertically
  • wheels are now centered and no longer a bouncy ball
  • SP, SSW & NYS&W reverse units now have menu icons

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: themeatballhero, MrCheesecake

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