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Tower completed in 1989, refurbished in 2016. Occupies the centre of the waterfront towers at Circular Quay, a massive squashed diamond maximising north-east facing office space with views of the harbour and Opera House. A large food court complex is built into the podium.

This requires some tweaking to use. Loftus St, which is the front-edge here, rises around 3m, so there is a stepped garden area. I have incorporated this into the model, so you will need to use Move It and Network Multitool to bring the road up to the edge, and clip brush to prevent the underlying terrain from clipping into the contours of the garden.

It is further complicated by being a triangular building with a square footprint, so be mindful of anarchy settings. Reiby Place, the back alley, also rises to meet the corner with Loftus, but in a less linear way. Again, use multitool to insert new nodes along the way to adjust height.

Includes one prop, the Credit Suisse signs that sit at the crown (or top, whatever). The roof has a washer rail and lift cavity but no vanilla or workshop HVAC-related props.

There is a built-in path from the kerb to the food court entrance, but I noticed they were sinking into the ground until I added a terraforming network beneath. I wish I could have had a path to the main ‘cave’ type entrance but it’s right on the corner, too weird.

I’ve uploaded some pretty screenshots of what I could accomplish with the use of the terraforming networks, as well as my bluestone decals, some nice workshop vegetation, and network multitool+node controller. At the end of the gallery I’ve included screenshots of the building unadorned for reference. It includes spaces on the corners intended for the Paragon Hotel and Ship Inn hotel. This means I’ve finished one full ‘block’ of Sydney.

Tris: 11,773 (main), 45 (grass), 892 (glass) / 166, 22, 1
Texture: 512×4096 (main), 256×256 (glass and grass) / 512×512, 128×128, N/A

Credits: Robert

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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