The history of video games is not that long. Commercialized video games started to emerge at 1970’s. And the context “video games” is used by few generations. With the improvements in the technology and visual effects, games are a lot better than those ones in 70’s. In current world there are many gamers and both young people and adults playing games. Games are a way of entertainment for the whole population. Especially flash games played by many people because of their easy accessibility and their price (they are cheap and even free sometimes). It’s not like internet addiction . This is obvious that flash games can turn into ambition and passion and sometimes even into an addiction because of their entertaining content. Which makes people (especially young people) spend a lot of time with their computers.

This situation creates some concerns among people and especially among parents. Wasting time, exposure to the radiation etc. are common concerns. These may look logical and true concerns however there might be benefits of playing flash games also. Video Games Reviews and expert ideas shows that effects of flash games on intelligence looks very positive.
Beyond the stereotypes like “wasting time with games” researches shows that games actually improving some aspects of intelligence. In a research over adults showed strategic, tactical and multitasking video games increase cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to adapt to a new situation, switching between tasks and multi – tasking. It is not overall intelligence but an important aspect of intelligence. People who plays such games has quicker and more accurate decisions in such situations. Furthermore, action games increases the speed of decision making. These results show that effects of flash games on intelligence can be surprising.

If you pick right type of games, you can increase various aspects of your intelligence. There are some claims which state that games can be very harmful among young people and teenagers who should complete their training in social contexts not in front of a screen. However, some types of games look like prepares teenagers to real life problems and increase their skills. Popgi says; most games involve in problem solving. You should solve a problem to achieve desired points in games (in most of them). This requires the approach of step by step thinking, creating new ways to achieve goals, removing obstacles on the way. All these skills arerequired skills in real life too. When teenagers are grown up and become adults they go to work and they are required for such tasks. Multitasking, solving problems are real life demands for all of us. Games can be a great preparation for such things and boost one’s skills on the way.
As a result, there are many controversies about theeffect of flash games on intelligence. Stereotypes like “wasting time” looks logical however games have benefits for multiple aspects. If specific types of games are chosen (strategy, action, tactical, multi – tasking etc.), they can increase cognitive flexibility, problem solving skills, multi – tasking skills. Furthermore, they can help children to be prepared for possible real life situations. These make gaming, great entertainment and a niceskill booster activity.


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