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Fuel King Transport Fever 2

Fuel King mod for Transport Fever 2.

Welcome to TF2 Fuel King mod, version 1.

In this mod, industries require fuel to function. You must refine crude oil into oil, oil into fuel, then deliver fuel to all other industries before they produce anything.

The only industries that do not require fuel are oil wells and oil refineries, which produce crude oil and oil needed to produce fuel at fuel refineries.

1. Start at oil wells. Collect crude oil.
2. Deliver crude oil to oil refineries. Convert to oil.
3. Deliver oil to fuel refineries. Convert to fuel.
4. Deliver fuel to all other industries.

The fuel industry now becomes the central hub of your business empire. As the game progresses, you will have massive railway stations and marshalling yards at your fuel refineries, so you will need to plan your rail network well. You are now a bonafide fuel tycoon!

Tip: Early in the game, your fuel routes might not be profitable at first. Consider establishing some passenger routes between towns for some steady spending money to optimise your fuel routes.

Credits: jcaf

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