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FS Piano Ribassato Expansion Set Transport Fever 2

FS Piano Ribassato Expansion Set mod for Transport Fever 2.

The tipo 1965 low floor carriages were revolutionary vehicles (for local passenger transport) for the time. The initial version was designed to reach speeds of 160km / h, later limited to 140km / h. The bogies were the FD24 type with shoe brakes, power generator dynamo for auxiliary services and compressed air brake piston. The doors had small glass and the seats were of a minimal style of the time. The driving car was without the third front light.
This type of wagon underwent, over time, several refurbishments, the last of which began in 2004 and finished a few years after 2010. The XMPR Revamp involved the installation of armored glass with vasistas windows and the application of an air conditioning unit on the roof of the cars. The semi-pilot received a modern cabin type, very similar to the front of the E464.
These cars still operate regular services for the FS and Trenord.

Capacity from 16 to 25
Max speed from 140 to 160km/h
Year from 1965

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