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FS E636 Camilla & 117 Repaint Pack Transport Fever 2

This pack contains the 2 versions of the E636 Camilla which covers the years of service from 1990 (when the locomotive entered in service with its unique modify) to 2003 when the locomotive was officially named Camilla and received the livery already made by RaptorArk.

In addition to the 2 versions of E636 Camilla, the E636 117 has been added, repainted in 2002 with the same livery originally weared by E636 080 which was demolished the same year, the livery of E636 117 was adapted to the new logos of Trenitalia Cargo because the locomotive was still in active service at that time. Today this locomotive is preserved by Fondazione FS and still maintain its adapted livery.

Years of availability:
E636 284 Camilla in orginal livey: from 1990 to 1997
E636 284 Camilla with Trenitalia logo: from 1998 to 2003
E636 117: from 2002 on

Power 2100kw
Tractive effort from 117 to 125kN
Max speed from 110 to 120km/h
Year from 1990

Credits: Aleksandr Akimov, RaptorArk

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