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Freestyle Train Station Transport Fever 2

A freestyle train station. It introduces some new special tracks, which will serve as platforms for cargo or passengers.


Lay platforms alongside normal tracks, then place a platform marker and a track marker where you want the platform and the track to end. Repeat at the other end.
WAIT A MOMENT and let the computer think.
Now you have built a terminal, trains will stop between your track markers.
Add more platforms, tracks and markers, a popup will ask you if you want to join your new terminal to the other ones. You can have up to 12 terminals in one station.

Now click your station to open the configuration menu and add some connections.
– Adjacent platforms are connected together automatically. If you added extra platforms or space between, you will have to connect them by hand instead: use a suitable street type and <shift>. Avoid this with tunnels and bridges, keep it simple.
– Every set of adjacent ground platforms requires street access or an underpass. This is like the stock stations.
– Every set of adjacent bridge platforms requires a lift or an underpass.
– Every bridge level requires a lift.
– Every set of adjacent underground platforms requires stairs to go up.
– Every underground level requires a subway entrance, or a ground platform with an underpass, or a bridge platform with a lift, or a higher underground level with stairs down.
– If you have multiple underground levels, you can add stairs on the higher levels, to go down to the lower levels.

You can share a platform between two terminals, for example the first 100 metres with terminal 1 and the rest with terminal 2. If you do that, connect the platform ends by hand with a suitable street type and <shift>.
If you have a group of adjacent platforms and tracks, try to place your underpasses (or stairs if you are in a tunnel) opposite to one another.

When you bulldoze a terminal, the mod will try to rebuild the tracks as they were before, to make changes easy: bulldoze a terminal, change what you need, then rebuild it with the markers.
When you bulldoze the station, everything will be bulldozed.

– Platforms are tracks and they can also suffer from micro splits, very difficult to see.
– To visualise the lanes and the splits, start the game in debug mode and press <AltGr> + <L>.
– To work underground, use <NumPad 4>.
– Platforms only carry passengers or cargo if they are part of a terminal.
– 2.5 m platforms do not agree with bridges and tunnels. My “no railing” bridges help a bit, tunnels can’t be helped.
– Very thin paths help with certain setups: those are in my street fine-tuning mod.
– Sound effects for stations are in my dedicated mod.
– Sound effects for trains are in my dedicated mod.
– Extra ground textures are in my terrain tweak mod.
– If you want large buildings, use assets. There are mods for those.
– This mod adds extra bridges to help with elevated stations.

Known issues:
– Module placement is rather free, the player is allowed to do some unrealistic things. Proper checks would be too expensive.
– Station naming does not work properly.
– Upgrading tracks works meh.
– 2.5 m platforms do not agree with bridges and tunnels. Ask UG to make trackDistance work.
– The bigger your station is, the longer it takes to add or remove a terminal. It can take over a minute. Just wait.

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Credits: lollus

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