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Fredericks Nightmare Redux Update Hearts of Iron IV

Based around the idea of a British and Prussian defeat in the Seven Years’ War, Frederick’s Nightmare tells an alternate history timeline of a powerful France, Austria and Russia, a French-dominated North America and a Mughal Empire (relatively) free of British influence.

Frederick’s Nightmare comes packed with 10+ focus trees and with hundreds of custom events, many of which are detailed lore events which on startup will tell you what your country has done in the path up to year 1936, when the mod starts.

Austria still stands, but for how long can that last with Prussia eyeing Silesia, Italy wanting Veneto and the various ethnicities in the empire demanding independence? The Tsar rules Russia, but can he last against the Bolsheviks? The French want to preserve their global power status, the Brits want to usurp it. The Swedes are caught between the fronts and the Americans threatened by communist influences in the Carribean and in Mexico.

Credits: EdWood, Angelblue1032, TrumpShallPurgetheAnimeScourge

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