StationsTransport Fever 2

Fictional Modular Station Building Based on Gera Central Station Transport Fever 2

This mod contains a modular station with four modules. The modules are available from 1920 under the category ‘passenger buildings’ in the station module menu.
The building is fictional based on the Gera station building.

Modules adjust to the high to the platform on following stations:
– Vanilla and italian station
– NL Modular Station, Kings Cross, UK NSE Modular Station
– German Stations and the station extension mod by lennardo97

There is no blueprint for this buildings. You have to build a station and replace the station buildings. Many mod stations have the option to build a station without buildings.
Passengers may walk over underpass stairs if a small build with entrance was built next to it.

Know Issues:
On terminus stations it the building height may be wrong if non vanilla platforms are used.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.


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