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Farmland Textures Transport Fever 2

This mod comprises a number of additional farmland textures for use in scenery and ground texturing. These are flat textures, as opposed to the 3D-type corn and wheat ones in the game already, and so probably best used further away. Once I can get a Normal map to work, they may be a little less 2D in future.

Textures included to date:

1. Ploughed field
2. Soil – rough and smooth. Could be used on building/industrial sites or parks and gardens where the in-game texture is too dark.
3. Potatoes – small and large
4. Hops – small and large
5. Sugar beet – small and large

These textures are based on the legacy TpF1 files that are included with the game but not used.

Whether the crops actually resemble hops or sugar beet, I don’t know, but that was the naming convention given to them in the Farmer and Painter mods from TpF1.

Credits: Quince99

Download Link #1 Download Link #2


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