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Fallout 4 – Well Faith and Begorrah


Well Faith and Begorrah for Fallout 4.

op a’ tha mornin’ to ye! Might I say what a lovely sack of cabbages you have this fine day. When I was but a lass times were hard and we were so poor, we were, that we had nothin’ to eat but cabbage all day long. But we were lucky, you see, for we had each other to comfort ourselves knowing that we would survive the cold months turnin’ the land for our crops. And when the corn and tatos and mutfruit were ready to harvest, we discovered it was all really cabbage! Oh, praise the powers that be that we could be so fortunate, for we had each other to comfort ourselves during those cold months. One day I found a hound limping on three of its legs wimpering like a child that’s been smacked for stealin’ at the table. I took him in, I did. And I named him Cabbage, because he was lucky. Now, I can see that you are a good man of integrity. Would ye be interested in participating a right good exchange of this magically delicious cereal for a bit of that cabbage you have there? And by the way, the names Cait. Cait Cabbage.


Well Faith and Begorrah! 1.0

Re-textures the clean tan suit and bowler hat to resemble the garb of the Lucky Charms leprechaun.


Unzip into the Data folder so that the path is



Additem codes:


Credits: Nenina

File Details:2 MB / ZIP
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