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Fallout 4 – Tranquilizer Rifle Syringer – Semi Auto or Auto


Jigging with a combat rifle to make the new medic rifle!!
No more slow reloads after every shot with an old syringer pipe rifle.
Join the army medic corps today in providing frontline utility in disabling the wasteland.

You can build it at any chemistry lab.

If someone could fix it so the nice green glowy thing shows that would be great but otherwise you get a nice short rifle that you can mod up.
Please note that with F04edit, i cannot currently specify the spawn parts, which is related with the s_xxx keyword i think, as the F04Edit doesn’t update the value input for the properties input section, hence i am stuck with integers and cannot add properties that utilize keywords. Hence, you may notice some odd spawn bugs with combat rifle parts, just equip the modded parts at the workbench and there should be no problems whatsoever.

You may also try some of the syringer ammo that has been cooked up for the wasteland here.

Credits: Peter Chin

File Details:6 KB / ZIP
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