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Fallout 4- The Hunt for Patriotic Shield



– Short treasure hunt quest to find the shield. The quest can be started at the root cellar in Sanctuary.
– Custom model and textures with three paint job variations that can be changed at weapon workbench.
– 4 different material mods that can be used to upgrade the shield. The mods are progressively unlocked with Blacksmith Perk.
– Custom weapon prefixes that change based on the used mods.
– Passive Damage and Energy Resistance bonus from wielding the shield. Once I can get the function working, the shield will also increase these resistances whilst blocking.
– The mod uses minimal amount of overrides (mainly for interior locations for the quest), so it should be highly compatible with other mods. I might also add a completely override free version at some point.

If you are having difficulties with the quest, you can find few hints here.

Noticeable things:
(not to be mistaken for known issues)

The shield uses the Power Fist as base so it is marked as unarmed weapon and benefits from Iron Fist instead of Big Leagues, and is also unusable with power armor. Also because of Bethesda’s logic with unarmed blocking animations, the character doesn’t use the shield for blocking in third person view, but decides to take the hit without it, because that’s obviously better way to protect yourself (will be fixed when animation manipulation is possible). Due the size of the shield and the used animations, there will likely be some clipping especially with bulkier armor despite that I did my best to position it so that it would have minimal clipping and would be realistically held. This might be (at least partially) fixed once I can manipulate the animations to better fit the shield. The quest is currently unmarked and has no experience rewards, but will be improved once GECK or some other tools that allow better quest creation are accessible.

Credits: Junnari

File Details:8,3 MB / RAR
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