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Fallout 4 – Stop Fidgeting – Pipboy Animation Swap

stop-fidgeting-pipboy-animation-swap-fallout4modsThe charm of my character not standing still when looking at their Pipboy wore off quickly.

This mod swaps out the various Pipboy idles for the default one. That means they won’t bang on it anymore, won’t look at their wrist, and won’t tilt the screen when you’re trying to find something. Now they just hold their arm still. This also has the side effect of some of the animations being slightly less jerky when your character goes to change the page.

The following files have been replaced:

Drop a line in the comments section if you have any issues. I don’t really anticipate them, though.

Credits: Graymaybe

File Details:82 KB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Stop Fidgeting – Pipboy Animation Swap -


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