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Fallout 4 – Steevin’s Marvelous Apparel

Steevin’s Marvelous Apparel for Fallout 4.

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I was kind of tired of seeing such little variety in the raiders I killed or the settlers that would join my cause so I made
some clothes and mixed them into the game. Install this mod to get a little more color and variety into your world.

This is a mod I made for myself, so yeah, it’s a little self indulgent.

New Clothes added to the game:
All Items are using Vanilla meshes! No CBBE conversions yet.
Not all items are pictured yet!

(all of the shorts, crops and tanks only work on women. using custom meshes)
Astro Orbiter shirt with Denim Shorts.
Cyclops Shirt and Jeans
Hydra shirt and Jeans
MUTANTS Crop Tee and Jeans
Nisha Shirt and jeans
Madame Hydra shirt and jeans
Madame Viper cropped shirt and jeans
Captain Scarlet cropped shirt and shorts
She-Hulk shirt and jeans
Squirrel Girl shirt and shorts
Venom / Mary Jane shirt and jeans
XAVIERS tank top and shorts.
Up/Doctor Who shirt and pants
Lady Galactus T-Shirt and jeans
Rainbow Bright T-Shirt and jeans
Phoenix Crop shirt and shorts
Mad Moxxi T-Shirt and Slacks (replaces default, forgot to make standalone version, this will be replaced)
Quake T-Shirt and Jeans (replaces default, forgot to make standalone version, this will be replaced)

(all of these can be worn by men, with the exception of the Wasp and Ms Marvel dress)
Flowery Wasp Dress
Flowery Ms Marvel Dress
Torn Red Dress
Red Dress – Retexture
Carla’s Vault 111 Dress
Astro Pinup Punk Skirt
Auto Pinup Punk Skirt
Voyage Pinup Punk Skirt
Ratty Skirt PINKER retexture
Little Black Lacy Nighty

Road Leathers!
Shorts only work on Women, men textures of the graphics have not been finished yet.
Blue Plaid Leathers
Hydra Leathers
Ms Valentine Leathers Crop top and shorts
Lady Spider leathers
Purple Plaid crop top and shorts
RAID! crop top and shorts.

Also included are the remaining default replaces from the earlier version of this mod.
You can opt out of these using the FOMOD installer.
Kellogg’s She-Hulk outfit
MUTANTS and XAVIERS flannel for Gunners and Raiders
NOVA Pinup for Athletic Outfit
What does this mod do?
Adds various new articles of clothing and incorporates them into various level lists. All of the new shirts feature art made by myself, and are currently not really Lore friendly. (I used art I have already finished and just happen to have pngs readily available of. Lore friendly stuff comes later. Time permitting.)
Adds clothing to loot lists, and settler lists so that all the new attire can be found without use of console commands or crafting mods.
Adds a few new female NPC faces so that my new Dresses can be used by new immigrating settlers.
Adds new clothing to Vendor lists.
assigned various new perks and SPECIAL boosts to certain apparel to match the graphic or inspiration from the artwork.

How to obtain apparel.
You can find all of the new clothes in suitcases throughout the wasteland.
Can be found worn on Raiders, Gunners, Settlers and various NPCs.
A special Vault 111 Dress can be found withing Vault 111.
Or if you have Crafting Workbenches installed, most of the apparel can be crafted by installing the included plugin file. (a few select items have been left off the crafting table)

Installation and Compatibility:
Requires that you install Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77 . I did this to make sure this mod was compatible with item sorting, and Armorsmith Extended.
Included in the installer is a patch for Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77. This will maximize the potential of all the new items.
This mod changes the Raider Under Armor level list, and conflicts with Harness Wardrobe by Calyps, I’ve included a patch file to fix this.
A patch for Better Settlers by Thom is included, the two mods mesh well.
All of the clothing can be found in various ways in game, but if you’d like to be able to craft the clothes use Crafting Workbenches by drdanzel, I’ve included a patch file to add compatibility to that. You’ll notice I had some fun with the recipes.
This mod edits various level lists. Other mods that change level lists will conflict, and may cause things to not work properly. If a plugin is required, use FO4Edit’s auto patch or message me and I’ll try to upload a patch.

Plans for the Future:
MORE CLOTHES! I’d like to do variations of the flannel shirts, leather coats and other common items, change colors, add patches… something to add more variation.
Make CBBE Compatible.
Update shitty textures!
Lore Friendly Artwork! I get this request a lot. I plan to do an entire set of T-shirt designs that are all lore friendly. Some using in game art, others using art I draw myself. It all takes time, and I have a full time job and a new baby to take care of.

Other Mods by me
Spider-Gwen Messenger Bag
Steevin’s Piper Outfit
Cool and Sexy Clutter
Lacy Feather Dress
Steevin’s Shiny Red Dress

This mod was created using:
And Bodyslide
All artwork created by me. Sorry if my textures/normals suck, I’m not a texture artist. I just know how to use photoshop. Fallout 4 is the first game I’ve gotten really heavy into modding.

This mod uses the VAULTIE skin From NUCLEAR nude as a base for a few of the outfits’ stocking textures.
Nuclear Nude is probably the best base model replacer for people still using Vanilla meshes.

Credits: Steevin Love

File Details:114 MB / ZIP
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