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Fallout 4 – Standalone NCR 1st Recon Beret

ncr-1st-recon-beret-standalone-fallout4modsStandalone NCR 1st Recon Beret for Fallout 4.

Somehow, a piece of armor from the other side of the country has made its way into the Commonwealth.

So, back in New Vegas I always used to wear the 1st Recon Beret that Boone gives you. And in lieu of that, I’ve been wearing the Military Cap. But now I don’t have to because I decided to make my first proper mod ever.
It took a good 3 or so hours to do, but I managed to not be awful at something in my life for once, and am looking forward to creating more mods
Right now, the beret can only be accessed via console commands, because, as I said, first time making a mod like this, but when I figure it out (and when the GECK comes out), I might make a new vendor that sells Mojave-themed gear. For the time being, just open the console, type in help beret 0 and you should find it right there.

Oh, also, this isn’t me importing textures and meshes from New Vegas into 4. I’m too stupid to know how to do that, but I’m also too NOT stupid to do something like that. The mesh is the vanilla military cap mesh with my own edited military cap texture.

Credit to 8906 from the /r/FalloutMods subreddit for helping me learn to mod.

Credits: Foedawg

File Details:2,3 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Standalone NCR 1st Recon Beret -


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