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Fallout 4 – Standalone Jetpack Enabled Leather Trench Coat


Standalone Jetpack Enabled Leather Trench Coat for Fallout 4.

*EDIT* Many apologies i forgot to put the PiperBodyM.nif in the .7z file, please re-download to get rid of the red skirt problem if you have it, sorry.

Like the short descrition says, Made a standalone version of pipers clothing and added a bit of damage and energy resistance. gave it my own texture too, complete with vault meat (no nudity) and grim reaper perk decals on the back and left glove.

To add the clothing open the console and type “help jet 0” to find it and use the player.additem console command to get it into your inventory.

There is no animation for the Jetpack and in 3rd person it looks kind of goofy when you use it. Its fine in 1st person though… which kind of makes this retexture a little bit pointless but I’m sure ill update this with animations when its possible.

(i managed to attach the fall animation to the end of the jetpack animation which can reduce the anim swap time slightly but found no successful way of swapping out the actual start anim effectively, this is not included)

I made this for my own amusement from original game files using F4Edit and Gimp 2.

You might want to add some fall damage reduction mods

Credits: Jkroovy

File Details:2,8 MB / ZIP
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