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Fallout 4 – Standalone Boston Police Dress


Standalone Boston Police Dress for Fallout 4.

This mod was inspired by by Boston police Department – Standalone and Short Skirts.

Now you can play a Boston Police-gal. With Stripes and Badge (Gun comes separately).

I have no idea how to add things to a crafting table yet, so you do have to use the console to add the dress to your character. The outfits name is “Boston Police Dress”, though any search for “Police”, “Dress” or “Boston” should spit it out as well. If anyone can give me a hint as to how to add it to the crafting table I’d be in their debt.

It comes in three variations, one requires Armorsmith Extended and allows you to wear armor on top of it.

The other allows you to wear armor over the outfit but doesn’t supports AE.

Third and last file only has the dress and you can only wear it.

All of them do support Railroad weaves though.

And all is working now. The new improved 1.2 version. Now you actually get the outfit and the textures work correctly.

With the 1.3 version can you now craft the armor.

You can craft it at the Chem station, or if you are using the armorsmith extended mod, you can craft it at the Armorsmith crafting bench.


Credits: The_Scourge

File Details:5,6 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Standalone Boston Police Dress -


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