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Fallout 4 – Sniper Rifle Retexture


Changes the texture of the full stock hunting rifle to have a rough looking texture and forest themed spray camouflage. You may notice a seam on the top and bottom of the rifle, uhh… sorry about that.. unfortunately there isn’t much to be done about that because of the regularity of the camouflage pattern and the way the texture is broken up. at a later date I may upload a black version and maybe a green or tan version.

New Files! Added a retexture of the “tactical” or “marksman’s” stock, the file contains a smooth version and a bumpy version. Will work on the barrel at a later time.

New Files! Added three barrel options (see Images), also an option for black rifle stocks.

Installation is simple, just drag and drop the “textures” file into your Fallout 4 data folder. you may need to enable some ini files for the texture to show up in game if you haven’t for other mods, the address below will show you how to do that.

Credits: Mythos214

File Details:8,6 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Sniper Rifle Retexture - Modsup.com


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